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  2. thecuriouslittlebluebird:

    This is an issue very close to my heart. :) Please support it guys!


  3. Once you’re labelled as mentally ill, and it’s in your medical notes, anything you say can be interpreted as an artifact of your mental illness.
    — Hilary Mantel (via ocd-ella)

  4. my hands


    are bleeding from trying to get them clean. Paradoxically I know this makes me more at risk of being contaminated, but at the time I just couldn’t stop scrubbing. I’m so worried about the bits around your knuckles where there are creases which might harbour germs and dirt. I wish my skin was smooth and flat everywhere. I wish I was clean. I wish so so so much I could feel clean and safe.


  5. beckie0:


    This is (one reason) why I love the internet.

    OH MY! I didn’t know they managed to return the bear. WOW! :D.

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  6. palabrasquecantan:

    The transmitters are fried, somehow,

    I was born with

    one too many

    or not enough

    or the wrong ones

    and the circuitry is all wrong for the decade I was born in

    not in the

    "I wish I lived in the fifties for soda pop and poodle skirts!!! segregation and misogyny, what’re those?!?!"

    sort of…


  7. Over 600 followers!!

    I just wanted to thank everyone that is following my blog. I really appreciate it.
    I would also like to wish you Happy Easter!  I hope you will find some peace of mind.
    Stay strong friends and keep talking about mental health!


  8. share this around, it could save lives

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  9. Better Than This


    Little demon on my shoulder,

    Use your little demon wings,

    ‘Cause I’m too old for you to be here,

    Too old for petty things.

    Can’t you whisper in my ear

    A great truth, or prophecy?

    Can’t your little trickster eyeballs,

    See more than what’s wrong with me?

    Demon, demon, groan back to hell,

    Stop gnawing at my heart.

    ‘Cause I am not in need of you,

    Nor ever of your art.

    Massive demon, part from me

    And take away your rot,

    ‘Cause I have angels in my corner.

    I’m everything you’re not.

    I love it.


  10. carebearstokeuptoo:

    Everytime I hear someone say something like:
    “I have to have my binder in order I’m so OCD.”
    “I always wash my hands before eating, it’s like an obsessive compulsive thing.”
    “I think I have OCD, my shoes always have to be lined up.”
    I get so angry.
    You don’t understand what OCD is like.