2. To the anon that wanted to keep it private

    Unfortunately I can’t answer you privately if you message me as an anon, so I hope that you will come across this post.
    I take Sertraline for my OCD, and in the beginning it was 50 mg, now it’s 150.


  3. Happy OCD Awarness Week!

    Hey guys!
    I was hoping to prepare something special for this week, but right now it’s impossible - I have so much work for school.
    Tomorrow’s my birthday and the fact, that it’s also OCD Awarness Week makes this day even more meaningful.
    Anyways Happy OCD Awarness Week and keep talking about  mental health!


  4. Anonymous said: I have had OCD for about the last 10 years or longer (I'm 17) and I was only diagnosed about last Feb officially. I was wondering if you have the same problem when you feel you can't say you have OCD bc people will assume your lying/attention seeking etc? OCD has a real hold on my life and my intrusive thoughts are crazy, and sometimes I feel like crying and asking everyone for a hug, but I feel like I'm not allowed because people will think I'm just wanting attention >_<

    Yes, I do feel like this quite often. I always have to make up strange excuses when I can’t do something because of my OCD, and it’s just so awkward - I can’t say that I have OCD, because everyone would make fun of me and call me a whiny attention seeker. And if I said that, I would have to argue with somebody about the fact that I’m not making it up.


  5. cowfanclub:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. No. No fucking way I’m done. 


  6. ispeakwookie:

    Does anyone else freak out if the two logos don’t line up or is it just me?

    But it’s not OCD.


  7. reinewinchester:

    because it is OCD awareness week i felt it appropriate to make a powerpoint explaining what OCD really is

    (x) (x)



  9. kittykatgaga:

    I’m proud to be supporting OCD Awareness Week 2014.

    I’ve suffered from this for 13 years and I feel that it’s so important for people to understand what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder really is.

    When OCD is mentioned it’s often used in a joke “I’m so OCD!” being the classic. Just because you like to be tidy or arrange your things in alphabetical order DOES NOT mean you have OCD.

    Imagine something in your head constantly shouting at you to “Do that again!” “Check that again!” “Are you sure you did it 3 times? Better do it 8 now.” The fear that something will happen to you or someone else if you don’t. That’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When you’re petrified if you don’t carry out your ritual that there will be bad consequences. 

    That doesn’t go to say I can’t have a giggle about my rituals from time to time, because stressing and getting upset about it doesn’t help. It’s just important to know that this condition can be debilitating at times and is not a joke.


  10. surrounded-by-triggers:





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    I just looked this up; it gets worse.

    raise awareness to this shit and change something about it. 


    This pisses me off.

    No mercy for such people. No mercy.

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